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That Girl From Nowhere, The Whistle-stop Tour

If you’ve been following my exploits on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, then you’ll know I’ve been doing a lot of running around since publication of my tenth novel, That Girl From Nowhere. On publication day I went with one of the lovely peeps from my …

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Easy-Peasy Frozen Yoghurt

If you’ve read The Flavours of Love you’ll know that the main character, Saffron, is holding a bowl of blackberries when she receives some devastating news. While she eventually decides to use blackberries in a recipe that also has some significance to …

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From There To Here

March 20, 2015Me and this diary malarkey. Plus a short story for you. Let’s face it, I’m super rubbish at updating my diary. I mean to, I honestly do, but then life kind of gets in the way and suddenly weeks, months and years have gone past and I haven …

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Dear Library

Dear Library (Every Public Library), I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I would not be the person I am today without you. You were always there for me, throughout my life. You were there, when I was a child and on the way home from school I woul …

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You Wear It Well

Way back in 2007, I attended a library talk in Birmingham. It was a great event and I met some really nice people (as I did on all the library talks/events I participated in). I remember, though, the lovely librarian at that particular event said to me …

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10 years on the shelves

I was living in South London at the time and went up to central London to be interviewed by a reporter from The Voice newspaper at Borders in Oxford Street. I didn’t know how I’d feel when I saw a book on with my name on it. Excited, proud, a little sh …

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