Dorothy Says

Total Fangirl


So, I went to the National Literacy Trust midsummer’s party last night.

I am a huge supporter of their work and how they aim to help to lower and eventually eradicate the high levels of illiteracy in this country.

It’s only when you hear the patrons of the charity talk that you’re reminded how so many people don’t have access to books – especially with what has been happening to libraries in recent years. But you know my feelings on that.



At the event, held in London at the Hatchette building with amazing views of London, I had one of those moments. You know, one of those moments, when you look across the room and spot Malorie Blackman and your heart stops because you’re looking at one of your writing heros. And she’s talking to another author you admire – Chris Riddell – and you realise that this is one of those few moments when you can go and make a total show of yourself in front of them and NOT ACTUALLY CARE.

So that’s what I did. I told them I was in awe of them. And Malorie said she’d read my books (swoon) and Chris said we should meet for coffee because he lives in Brighton (swoon again) and I sort of do, too. And I wished that I wasn’t on a self-imposed social media break because I so wanted to tell the world. I settled for telling my husband who was more impressed than I was, if that was possible. (And didn’t even mind me waking him up to tell him about it.)

Do have a look at the work the National Literacy Trust do if you get the chance. They are doing some brilliant stuff and they could always use people to help out. For example, you could host a Tales and Teapots party to raise funds for the National Literacy Trust. Me, I’m so counting down the days until it’s acceptable to hit Mr Riddle up for that coffee by the sea…