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Talisha ‘Tee Cee’ Johnson

Hi Tee Cee, can you tell us about yourself?

Hey – I’m Tee Cee! I’m a TV Presenter, Digital Content Creator, Author and Career Coach who currently works for BBC Three as a Development Researcher where I’ve won four series / pilot commissions. As a BBC Presenter, I have presented on various shows and features for the CBBC channel. Outside of my media career, I love making up stories! Aged 16, I became a self-published author of my debut children’s book titled Snow Black, the Seven Rastas and Other Short Stories and was dubbed a ‘Black History Month Hero’ by Birmingham primary schools.

More of my offline work includes, professional speaking and running a platform called ‘Not Your Average Girl’ which supports the next generation of young women in TV and digital through personal and professional development.

​My work and contributions to the wider community  has led to me receiving several accolades. From 2009 – 2015, I was the Executive Producer and coordinator of Birmingham’s annual Celebrating Youth Excellence Awards, which led me to becoming a face of the UK young entrepreneurship scene.


Can you tell us about your latest book?

Snow Black the Seven Rastas & Other Short Stories: Second Edition is a book told by girls for girls (8-11), with an eclectic collection of stories themed around courage, self-love, mental health, high sensitivity, self-confidence and more. Readers can follow a string of adventures: from getting lost in dark woods, experiencing anxiety states, to visiting fantasy land and having your first school crush!


When did you decide to become a writer?

As far as I can remember, I’ve been writing stories since I was 4-years-old and keeping a journal since the age of 5. I first thought about writing my own book when I was 11-years-old, I was very much inspired by my favourite childhood authors such as Benjamin Zephaniah, Malorie Blackman and Jacqueline Wilson. A lot of the stories in Snow Black are ones I wrote when I was around 12 and extended / tweaked for the book. I made a start on the first edition of the book when I was 15 and had it published when I was 16 (thanks to my Dad who cashed in his pension!).


What’s the best bit about being a writer?

There are NO limits. In the words of Oprah, ‘anything you can imagine, you can create’.


Can you tell us what you’re working on next?

Around 2010 I wrote a collection of notes to my then 16 / 17 year old self. I was supposed to publish it as my second book but never got around to it, but I’m hoping to publish it this year.


What other interests do you have?

I’m a grade 3 violinist, I love watching cartoons, I’m always scribbling down content ideas and formats for TV and digital (whether its for work or just for fun in my spare time). I enjoy presenting and creating videos for the Not Your Average Girl YouTube channel. I’m obsessed with birthdays and like to make a big deal of them. I’m also very family orientated and always like to gather my family together to enjoy quality time.


OK, here are the questions everyone needs to know the answers to:

Chocolate Hobnob or Lemon Drizzle cake?

Chocolate Hobnob because citrus flavours should be BANNED from cake!


Cream soda or Limeade?

Cream soda


Jollof or plantain?



Trainers or Flip-flops?

Trainers, I can’t stand the sound flip flops make on the heels of your feet.


Tucking your shirt in or leaving it out?

It depends on what I’m wearing.


What’s your best celeb spot?

I have no idea if I’ve interpreted this question correctly, but I once bumped into Akala in media city and screamed at him for 10 seconds. He probably thinks I need help.


If you had to start a rumour about yourself, what would it be?

Tee Cee is a billionaire.


Thanks, Tee Cee, where can we find out more about you?


Twitter: @thisisteecee

Instagram: @thisisteecee



Where can we buy your book?

Snow Black the Seven Rastas & Other Short Stories: Second Edition is available now on Amazon