Dorothy Says

New Edition, New Cover

News klaxon!! All My Lies Are True has a brand new cover for paperback! I love the hardback cover (the model Jocelyn is as lovely as she is beautiful) but we’ve decided to change things up on the cover front.

Have you noticed that a lot of books that come out in hardback change when they come to paperback?

Sometimes with only a few changes like the Tell Me Your Secret hardback to paperback, or sometimes a lot, like All My Lies Are True. The cover copy also changes, so that a new element of the story can be focused on.

In All My Lies Are True and The Ice Cream Girls before it, there is big Brighton focus and beach huts feature heavily, too. There’s also the yellow (Serena’s dress on the original cover) and pink (Poppy’s dress on the original cover) thing that is important in both books.

So we took all that and more, fed it into the paperback cover discussions and . . . ta-dah!  The new cover copy will be winging its way to you soon and again, the focus is different from what we originally had.

Probably shouldn’t be telling you this, because it’s not something publishing bods talk about publicly much, but for me, this is the start of changing direction with the covers again.

I’m always thinking of new things to do and moving the covers on is one that’s been on my mind for a while.

But let’s mark that down as something to come back to chat about another time and please join me in indulging in the beauty that is this new cover.

PS You can’t get a physical version of the new cover until January, so you’ll have to get one of the equally gorgeous Hardback cover until then.

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