Dorothy Says

New Book, New Title

I know it’s been a while, but it’s so good to be giving you the first look at my new book! Here it is…


My 18th book is about a mystery writer who is in the middle of a divorce. Things really start to fall apart, though, when someone tries to frame her murder – in the same ways as the crimes she makes  up. She has an alibi, but using it would reveal one of her most devastating secrets… Here’s the official blurb:

Someone is trying to frame me for murder.

They’re hurting people in the ways I write about – and making sure I’m the prime suspect.

I think I know why.

But I can’t tell the police or even use my rock-solid alibi . . .

Because then I’d have to confess about my other husband.

A series of terrifying murders. A set of complex lies. And a woman with no way to clear her name.

My Other Husband is the latest gripping thriller from the Queen of The Big Reveal.

It goes on sale July 2022 and you can pre-order it here: Pre-order My Other Husband 

I’m so excited about this book! I love the characters and story – even though there is a bit more to work out. I really hope you like it too.