Dorothy Says

It’s a cover up!


It’s a cover up… All My Lies Are True is coming out in paperback THIS THURSDAY!

Did you notice we’d changed the hardback cover? Do you want to know why? Well, it goes back to that saying – don’t judge a book by its cover. We say that, but the whole of the publishing industry is based on people judging a book – then buying it – by its cover.

So why the change? Several reasons. One of them is that we – my editor and other peeps at my publishers – have been talking for a while about moving the covers on.

When you’ve written as many books as I have, you tend to update the covers every few books to keep things fresh, while hanging onto the familiarity of previous works that people like.

We talked and planned and, you know, we decided not to wait until book 17 to make the change – I’m kinda impatient so it happened now.

I loved the original cover. The model – Jocelyn, is beautiful and it was absolutely what we needed for the hardback – as proved by the book selling well and going onto the bestseller lists.

With all these accolades, why change? Because I never want to rest on my laurels, never want to get stuck doing the same thing over and over with what goes into the book or on the outside of it.

Changing the cover between hardback and paperback also gives you a chance to focus on a different aspect of the story.

Beach huts feature heavily in both #TheIceCreamGirls and #AllMyLiesAreTrue so I love that we’ve got the chance to explore this aspect of the story with this cover.

And the colours – pink and yellow – was a running theme through all the Ice Cream Girls covers and have been carried on to #AllMyLiesAreTrue.

Have we got it right with the paperback of #AllMyLiesAreTrue? I think so because I am in cover love. What do you think?

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