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The shea truth

Since I decided to stop chemically straightening my hair way back in 2011, I’ve discovered that my hair and shea butter don’t get along. Shame, really, since all the ‘naturals’ whose hair blogs and YouTube vids I follow and salivate over seem to use it and love it and have hair that thrives with it. I’ve tried a whole raft of bought products (as you can imagine, my other half is just THRILLED with the money spent and the space needed on this experimentation). And I’ve tried to make my own products (he’s even more THRILLED with the tools and even more space needed for that, too).

Enter this nifty product called Creamy Leave-in Styling Smoother from Jane Carter. I tried it in desperation a few months back. One of its main ingredients is shea butter, but for some reason, my hair doesn’t end up like straw the next day and I don’t wake up to an oil slick a la ‘Coming To America’ on my pillow. And when I take my hair out of twists for a twist out, my hair is shiny and nicely defined. Win, win, win for me.

Me being me, I obviously bought everything I could get my hands on in the range (more THRILLED noises from my hubster), but none of them work for me. At all. The only product that works is this one. So it joins Kinky Kurly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner and Curlformers in my Hair Care Staples ranks.

I bought my Jane Carter Leave-in Styling Smoother from British Curlies, here: Jane Carter Creamy Leave-in Styling Smoother


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