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The Rose Petal Beach

The Rose Petal Beach is my eighth novel, which was shortlisted for the British Book Awards of 2012

The blurb says . . .

‘I could kill them for what they’ve done to me.’ I said those words. And I meant them at the time. But what would you do, what would you say if your husband was accused of something terrible and the accuser is someone you trusted with your life? That doesn’t mean I wanted this to happen. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. And I didn’t want to be scared that every knock on the door is going to be the police, coming to take me away. What’s going to happen to my children? What’s going to happen to me? My name is Tamia Challey and this is my story.

The blurb means . . .

The Rose Petal Beach is my eighth novel and it tells the tale of Tamia Challey whose life is completely upended when her husband, Scott, is arrested in front of her and their two children. Tami has no idea why this has happened, but when she discovers what he’s been accused of and by whom, she realises nothing will be the same again. As the book goes on Tami’s situation becomes more and more complicated until she ends up as the main suspect of a serious crime that she may or may not have committed . . .

The Rose Petal Beach is probably my most conmplicated novel to date, with several narrators, none of which you’re ever sure is telling the truth. I hope you enjoy it.

You read an extract of The Rose Petal Beach here: TheRosePetalBeach-extract

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