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My fave movies

I love myself a good movie. In fact, after reading, watching movies and TV is one of my favourite past-times. Admittedly, TV and I fell out around April 2013, but we got back together, worked out our differences and now it’s as if that break-up never happened. So, here you are, some of my favourite movies, as seen mostly on the small screen nowadays.

When Harry Met Sally

There’s a mention of this in Goodnight, Beautiful, it’s that much of a favourite. Watched it again recently with my husband (he hadn’t seen it before). Great film, even though not very much happens. Sally is freakishly like me when it comes to ordering food . . .

The Matrix

LOVE this film. Can’t express how much. It’s just so perfect and I adore Trinity. It’s a shame about the other two films – they weren’t as good. Still enjoyable and watchable, but they didn’t do it for me like this one did. I came out of the cinema wanting to run up walls and stuff. I didn’t, obviously.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Love Linda Hamilton in this. I liked her in the original, but liked her in this because she was a real hard woman and yet still had a mothering instinct. Am completely ignoring the male star of this movie since well, bleurgh! Articulate as always, me. Terminator 2: Judgment Day [DVD]

Strange Days

Erm, am sensing a theme in the movies I love . . . Angela Bassett is pretty divine in this. She plays a tough bodyguard who has a strong connection with a man (Ralph Finnes) who’s pretty much bad news. She looks so beautiful: I was obsessed with her braids and trying to get mine to look the same. And, erm, the film’s good too. (More shifty eyes)

Return of The Jedi

Hmmmm . . . It’s my favourite of the Star Wars movies – I didn’t watch the newest three because why upset myself – but this almost didn’t make it onto the list due to the digitally reworked ending that I came across recently. Seriously?! Why did they do that? Why did they tack on the new Anakin? Gah! It’s here for now, that may well change in due course. (Stoopid new Anakin.)


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