The Ice Cream TV Box

Posted on August 23, 2012


The Ice Cream Girls is coming to a TV screen near you in 2013! Yes, you read that right, one of my books has finally made it onto the screen. I like the movies, but I LOVE telly so I’m very, very pleased. Left Bank Pictures (they made The Queen, Zen and Married, Single, Other) bought the option rights and then commissioned Kate Brooke (who adapted the first Case Sensitive and Nicci French’s Secret Smile) to write the script for ITV. And, after many months of me pretending all was normal to avoid disappointment, here we are!

Serena is going to be played by Lorraine Burroughs (Fast Girls and DCI Banks), and Poppy is going to be played by Jodhi May.

Have to say I’m still a bit shocked that it’s happening so haven’t cracked open the champagne just yet. It’s a huge thing, though, added to the fact The Ice Cream Girls was nominated for an award, and the fact I’m published at all, well . . . I do hope you excuse me if you spot me weeping in the corner of a coffee shop somewhere – I’m just far too happy for words.

Just to warn you though, books don’t always translate in the same way from page to screen and I do know they’ve changed the ending. I have no say in that, so fingers crossed they don’t ruin the story.

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