Have you heard the other story of the Rose Petal Beach?

Posted on August 30, 2012

Have you heard the story of The Rose Petal Beach? I have, because I wrote it. But there’s another story that goes with The Rose Petal Beach that you won’t find in the pages of the book.

My eighth novel is another landmark upon my publishing journey. This is the first book with my lovely new publishers Quercus books and it’s the book released in the year of my 10th anniversary of being a published author. To be fair, each of my books have been landmarks in different way, they’ve all paved the way to where I am today: sitting in bed, wondering how it’s all going to pan out from this day onwards because today is PUBLICATION DAY!

Publication day is, for me, one of the most nerve-wracking days of the year. I’m always filled with self-doubt, anxiety and terror. But, over-riding these perfectly rational fears is the feeling of absolute excitement that another one of my books has made it onto the shelves and eReaders.

I am always, always mindful of how fortunate I am to be published at all. Writing a book is hard, getting published is even harder. And we seem to be in a period of time when the world of publishing is constantly besieged with negativity and criticism (eBooks being sold for less than the price of a bar of chocolate, books attracting criticism for the unsettling types of lifestyle they’re encouraging, someone proclaiming that some aspect of the book world such as women’s fiction or paper books is about to breathe its last). I don’t let it get to me, though, because I love books so much. Books are my first love and I strongly believe that if we keep doing the best we can, if we keep producing beautiful books – and The Rose Petal Beach is gorgeous – and telling stories people love, this too shall pass.

I KNOW that there are millions upon millions of people out there who love reading and I KNOW there are thousands upon thousands of excellent writers out there. And I love being able to count myself among both those types of people.

So that’s the other story of The Rose Petal Beach , it reminds me that I love reading, I love BUYING books, and I love being a published author.




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