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From There To Here

From There To Here

Special short story prequel for That Girl From Nowhere

That Photo, That Book

That Photo, That Book

The new exclusive series about writing for my site.

The 'in' crowd

I, Dorothy Koomson, am not part of the ‘in’ crowd. You see, I am far too excitable and far too eager to share said excitement to be a hallowed member of club cool.

This is where it all started

The Cupid Effect was my first novel to be published and it recently received a revamp with a new cover, which is why I wrote a new introduction to it, explaining why it is so special to me.

Give a good read

I would like everyone to read because it’s one of the best things in the world to do. When you open a book, you enter a new world and you start a new relationship.

And the dream come true is

For me, the dream was always getting published, and then things got better and better – not only did I get published, but my third book, My Best Friend’s Girl, sold lots of copies in just a few weeks.

True life love is in the air

True life love is in the air

It's February, the month of lurrve. Not only does St Valentine's Day fall in the middle but after torturing ourselves with all those earnest, heartfelt and well-meaning resolutions in January, February should be the time to love ourselves better again.

Stop in the name of the law

Take that woman in the jeep who almost put a dent in me – I suspect she wouldn’t dream of committing a crime by shoplifting in said supermarket but she quite plainly thinks nothing of being a lawbreaker when it comes to driving’n’dialling.